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Important Intro - Please Read First

I'm going to start this blog by telling you something that may surprise you... especially for a nutrition blog. You can officially STOP counting calories or obsessing over calories at all.  I know that sounds crazy, because it's true that calories consumed vs. calories expended over a specific time period is what ultimately controls whether you gain weight or lose weight.

However, not only is counting calories horribly inaccurate (studies show that the majority of people massively underestimate their caloric intake when asked to count calories), but I'm also going to show you why counting calories is pointless once you understand and implement one major nutrition concept. 

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November 2017

November 1: The Processing of Foods

Another major aspect of the foods that you eat and how they affect your health and body fat levels is the processing of foods. We can make the generalized statement that it is the processing of foods that truly controls how our bodies react to the food we eat.

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November 7 - Kitchen Cleanout

Here's a typical list of "foods" that the average person trying to lose weight may have on hand.  Check out your cabinets and see if any of this fat-fuel is lurking in your kitchen.

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November 8 - Foods Made with Refined Flour

Pasta, cookies, crackers, bread, etc.

Ancestral humans didn't eat grains; at  least nowhere near what we eat today.

Check back to read about a shocking and appalling  statistic, and how it's affecting the American diet and the obesity average.