The Processing of Foods

The Ugly Truth

Another major aspect of the foods that you eat and how they affect your health and body fat levels is the processing of foods. We can make the generalized statement that it is the processing of foods that truly controls how our bodies react to the food we eat.

With all of the macronutrient debate in recent years over what type of "diet" is best for us (low-carb, low-fat, no-carb, high protein, vegetarian, etc.), you've got to realize that they are ALL WRONG! That's right... if you study historical dietary patterns of ancestral humans in almost any culture around the world, the one aspect that was similar that accounted for the health benefits was that the foods were unprocessed natural foods. Whether a diet was high in protein, high in fat, high in carbs, low in carbs, etc. doesn't seem to matter that much, as long as the diet was made up of natural unprocessed foods eaten as close as possible to how they are found in nature. 

We gain weight and get fat when more calories are eaten on a regular basis than our bodies need to meet daily energy demands. When excess calories get stored as fat, it is the body's way of an evolutionary response from the hunter-gatherer days when food was less plentiful and people had to put out a great effort just to survive. 

Way back when, people who were able to store food in the form of fat were more likely to survive and reproduce during times of scarcity. Because of this advantage, we still have that built in urge to eat a lot of food when it's available, and some more than others. And believe me, there is a lot of food - or junk that is available to us everywhere we turn these days!

In spite of being able to store body fat efficiently, ancestral humans were rarely obese as they had to work hard just to eat and in the process burned up whatever calories they consumed.

The huge agricultural and technological changes of the past couple thousand years have made food extremely easy to obtain. We no longer have to spend our days hunting and searching for food, there is an abundance everywhere we look, and most of it is not what we historically ate in nature (humans never until recent decades ate 70% of our calories derived from grains and soy products as is currently the case with the modern western diet).

While the reasons we gain weight are numerous, there arare some primary reasons for the excess fat that we carry around. If we remove the food that causes fat storage, and erase a big part of the temptation to eat overly processed fattening foods, we should be on our way to making over our kitchens, and transforming our bodies into lean, energetic machines.

Our bodies, since the days of cavemen, were made to function best on whole, unprocessed foods, good quality proteins, healthy fats, and fruits and vegetables. If we can get back to a diet as close as possible to our ancestors, we will have the lean, strong bodies that we strive for.

And It Gets Better!

Not Only Will We See Stronger, Leaner Bodies...

But many of ththe modern diseases will begin to fade away: irritability, depression, ADD, arthritis, high blood sugar/type 2 diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, and the list goes on. All are connected to inflammation and the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) of processed junk. 

We have been duped into believing that instant, fast, pre-made foods will somehow make us thin and healthy. If you check out your grocery store frozen food aisle, you will often see overweight people purchasing what they believe are "diet dinners". Nothing could be further from the truth! Processed diet dinners are chock full of preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, processed flours, synthetic fillers, soy protein, and the worst kind of fats. These foods will cause inflammation, stimulate the insulin response - i.e. store fat, and do nothing for you nutritionally. What's more, you will GAIN weight from eating this kind of junk.

The media has fooled us into thinking we need lots and lots of carbohydrates if we follow the food pyramid. In response, America has loaded up on the processed carbs and packed on the pounds. Even so-called "health foods" are often not what out bodies recognize as good nutrition or fuel. And forget fat-free  (loaded with sugar and starchy refined carbs instead) and sugar-free! This stuff is poison and fat storing fuel. 

Forget fast and convenient diet foods! They take years off your life by stoking the fires of inflammation which leads to obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes to name a few things, not to mention screwing up your body's metabolism and making it increasingly difficult to lose fat from your frame. If you want healthy and clean "diet food" pick up a raw apple, some unprocessed nuts, some (nitrate and corn syrup free) grass fed beef jerky, and nibble away to your heart's content. 

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We need to get back to REAL food and eating like our lean, strong ancestors.

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