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VIM Protein $45

Our Non-GMO, vegan-friendly formula has been carefully designed to provide high protein, low carbs, zero sugar and 115 calories per serving. A 2lb bag of VIM provides 30 servings.

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V3 D-3 $18

Are you deficient in Vitamin D? Most people are, and don't even know it. D-3 provides advanced muscle and bone support, energy and cardiovascular support, brain support, and more.

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Mood Enhancement, Mental Clarity, Focus, Stress Management, and Sleep Pattern Balance... all in one natural supplement. Motivation to start AND complete the tasks at hand!

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The best Multi-Vitamin on the market! Everything from A-E, plus Folic Acid, Magnesium, Potassium, Spirulina Algae, Wheat Grass, and MORE! Food based... with 42 fruits and vegetables, and no fillers!

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BURN $36

Energy, metabolism boost, fat burn, appetite control, and weight loss support in one natural supplement. Ephedra-free with a small amount of natural caffeine. The perfect pre-workout boost!

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Take advantage of every discount program that V3 has to offer by combining products to save you money. Visit our store to see what packages are available, and stock up! Discounts apply in product combinations!

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