What is V3?


Energy; Enthusiasm


Physical strength and good health


The state of being strong and active; Energy

Services We Offer

FREE Metabolism Test

Not all body types are the same, so why should all meal plans be designed the same? Request my FREE metabolism quiz and get your FREE profile evaluation. Are you a protein type, carb type, or mixed type? And what does that mean? I could make all the difference in your meal planning... Find out today!

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Custom Meal Plan Design $10

After taking the metabolism test and receiving your profile evaluation, the next step is to let us use this information to customize your meal plan. It will include a 7-day detox program, as well as a full follow up build-your-own plan catered to the foods YOU like to eat. Entire program is FREE with purchase of any supplement from V3!

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Fitness Coaching

  • Online Tips, Challenges, and Motivation
  • One on One personalized goal setting and training
  • In-gym or outdoor fitness
  • Connect with me on facebook and send me a message to discuss the possibilities

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