VIM Vanilla Protein Powder

A Better Protein Powder

The first ingredient is yellow split peas... a COMPLETE protein. This means it contains all of the 9 essential amino acids that our bodies cannot produce on our own.

Second protein is Sacha Inchi... a rich source of Vitamin E and Alpha-linolenic Acid, an Omega-3 fatty acid found in plant oils. Marketed as a "superfood" and said to offer a variety of health benefits including reduction of abdominal fat and promotion of weight loss.

Third protein source is Organic Hemp protein, which comes from grinding the tiny, nutrient-rich seeds of the Hemp plant. The seeds contain essential fats and protein that your body needs to maintain your overall health. Of course, using only organic hemp powder ensures that there are no traces of chemical-based products leftover from cultivation.

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Natural Vanilla Flavor

Naturally sweetened with Stevia, VIM has no artificial sweeteners and zero sugar. Keeping the artificial flavors out of this product not only ensures optimum nutrition, but also opens up the possibilities for endless recipe building! 

✔Non-GMO formula

✔115 calories, 21g  Protein, 3g carbs

✔Zero sugars and no Artificial Sweeteners 

✔With Spirulina, Chia Seed, Kelp & Dulce

Add natural peanut butter and a dollop of honey for a warm, sweet beginning to your morning!

Add frozen berries of your choice, or organic unsweetened cocoa powder to switch things up! 

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Highest Quality at Lowest Cost!

V3 is proud to bring the best of the best to all of our customers, and still offer the lowest possible pricing available! We can do this because we have eliminated the MLM concept, and bring our products to you in a direct-to-consumer model. This has enabled us to offer pricing that is more affordable for the average consumer. 

A protein powder of this quality should retail for upwards of $89 for a full month's supply. 

Your retail cost: $49.00!!

This is a 2lb bag, which gives you a full 30 servings of this delicious drink powder.

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